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How to Successfully Develop and Market Android Accessibility Applications.

Apps4Android's camstreams are designed to educate developers in how to successfully design, develop, distribute, support, maintain, and update accessibility-focused Android applications.
Stream Location: Hilliard, Ohio USA
Broadcaster Since: June 13, 2008.
Hit Count: 23069.
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Steve Jacobs Bio  

Steve Jacobs Bio


President, IDEAL Group, Inc. and,

CEO, Apps4Android, Inc.

(614) 777-0660


Last Updated on October 10, 2011


Steve Jacobs has been in the computer industry for 36 years. Jacobs is President of IDEAL Group, Inc. IDEAL Group is a 2002 spin-off of IDEAL at NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) where Steve served as President. IDEAL Group's mission is to enhance the independence, quality-of-life, educational success and employability of individuals with disabilities through the development of accessible information and communications technology. IDEAL Group is the parent company of Apps4Android, Onymous Heroes, EasyCC, InftyReader Group; and, Online Conferencing Systems Group.

IDEAL Group Subsidiaries:

  1. Apps4Android, Inc.
    Apps4Android is the world's largest developer of Android mobile accessibility applications with millions of installations in 100+ countries. Apps4Android offers 24 (soon to be 28) applications on Android Market. Apps4Android’s mission is to “enhance the quality-of-life, independence, educational success and quality of health care of under-served individuals, through fully-accessible, high-quality, low-cost, mobile applications.”

  2. Onymous Heroes, Inc.
    Onymous Heroes develops Android utilities, browsers, application installers, icon packs, image animation applications and much more. Onymous Heroes offers 66 applications on Android Market with nearly 500,000 installations worldwide.

  3. EasyCC, Inc.
    EasyCC is a telecommunications company that supports people with hearing impairments, individuals with mobility disabilities and consumers with print disabilities. From conferences and classrooms to the corporate world, EasyCC cost-effectively delivers real-time text streaming services that are accessible on any platform, including mobile devices. EasyCC's infrastructure provides the ability to generate captions using speech recognition technology.

  4. InftyReader Group, Inc.
    InftyReader, a sophisticated optical character recognition application, is used by thousands of universities around the world to recognize, convert, and enable the editing of math documents into accessible formats in support of students with print disabilities. Converted formats include LaTeX, MathML, Human Readable TeX, and Word XML.
    Process flowchart:
    Speech Recognition-Based, Math Editor Development Project:

  5. Online Conferencing Systems Group, Inc.
    Online Conferencing Systems Group offers fully-accessible, 508-compliant, online conferencing and distance-learning services, systems and support. Every month thousands of people from every corner of the world use IDEAL Conference to meet, participate in, and deliver accessible webinars.

Jacobs served as President of IDEAL at NCR until his retirement from NCR, at the end of 2002, after 25 years of service.

Previous to NCR’s spin-off from AT&T (NYSE: T) at the end of 1996, Jacobs served as Chairman AT&T Global Information Solution's Project Freedom. In 1992 Project Freedom pioneered the development and use of interactive video technology for sign-language communications over telephones. This technology has evolved into what is not known as Video Relay Services (VRS). 

What follows is a link to a video of Project Freedom's first pilot test.  This video captures a gathering of students from Horace Mann Montesory School for the Deaf using ASL to communicate with each other, over telephones, for the first time in history. This video also contains video footage of Alexander Graham Bell. First ASL Communication Over Telephones

Appointments and Congressional Testimonies:


Sampling of Historical IDEAL Group Projects:

Jacobs is a 1973 graduate of Ohio State University. Steve and wife, Pauline, have been married for 36 years. Pauline and Steve have two daughters and a granddaughter... who is Steve’s boss. :-)